Request for Trading Halt

Request for Trading Halt by Kingsgate Consolidated Limited (ASX: KCN)

Kingsgate Consolidated Limited (ASX: KCN) (“Kingsgate” or the “Company”) advises that a request for Trading Halt has been sent to ASX. The content of the request is detailed below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We request a Trading Halt to be applied to our securities under ASX Listing Rule 17.1, and set out below the following information:

We would like the Trading Halt to commence immediately.

Reasons for the Trading Halt: to make an Announcement in relation to proceedings in the New South Wales Supreme Court against Zurich Insurance Australia Ltd, and other named insurers, under a Political Risk Insurance Policy that was held by the Company when the Thai Government expropriated the Chatree Gold Mine in May 2016.

How long will the Trading Halt last: the Trading Halt will last until the close of trading tomorrow (Friday 15 March 2019) at the latest.

The event we expect to happen that will end the Trading Halt: an Announcement from the Company updating its position with respect to the aforementioned proceedings.

Other information necessary to inform the market about the Trading Halt, or that ASX has requested: there is no such information.

We confirm that we are not aware of any reason why the Trading Halt should not be granted.

Ross Coyle

Company Secretary
Kingsgate Consolidated Limited

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